Autumn in the Garden

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Autumn is the time for tidying ... your borders, your tubs and containers. It's time to remove the dead leaves and bent, yellow stems from your perennials, cutting them down (to stop them rotting) where appropriate.... cutting and tidying up your bushes and shrubs, some can be cut to a 1/4 of their size - but check! Don't forget your hedges - make sure any tree leaves are removed - we don't like rot !

It's a time for tidying your paths and clearing your lawn of leaves... cleaning out any nesting boxes and feeders... pond cleaning. You name it, it's that time of year... You'll have time to make any repairs... but most of all, it's time for bonfires.

It's also a great time for transplanting as the ground is still relatively warm from the summer and the soil is enjoying the more regular rainfall. So, replant without too much worry that you won't get round to watering !

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