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Autumn Show on Saturday 10th September - doors open 2.15pm

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A reminder that as the summer draws to a close, it is only a few weeks until the Autumn Show. This is a more intimate gardening show than the main summer show in July, showcasing the best of autumn flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as cookery and crafts. Held at the village hall, it is a friendly event with the chance to socialise over tea and cake as well as view the exhibits. Leigh Apple Press will also be demonstrating apple pressing activities and selling juice.

If you are planning on entering this year, see below for details of how to do so.

How to enter

The show schedule for the Autumn Show is included with the main Summer Show schedule. If you can't find your copy, a PDF of the schedule is available here, with the Autumn Show classes on page 37 onwards. The deadline for submitting entries is 6pm on Wednesday 7th September. Bring your exhibits for staging between 10 - 11am on the 10th. You can download a copy of the entry form here. Good luck!

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