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Summer Show 2022 - Cup winners


Leigh Challenge Floral Won on Points Mr L Head

Stumblehole Winner Class 1 Sweet Peas Ms L Gregory

Little Flanchford Winner Class 2 – Roses HT Mr L Head

Mundell (Rose) Winner Class 4 Floribunda Roses Mrs C Gwynne

Fullerton Pot Plants Most Meritorious exhibit Mrs J Griffin

Rushton Fruit & Veg Won on Points Mr L Head

S.W. Brooker Most meritorious exhibit Mrs J Griffin

Jim Martin Winner Class 75 Collection of veg Mr L Head

Mary Browne Shield Floral Arrangements Won on Points Miss M Judd

Drew Won on Merit Miss M Judd

Charrington Handicraft & Photography Won on Merit Mrs J Rankin

LDCGS Challenge Merit - Photography Ms A Kinloch

Rhona Leese Merit -knitwear, crochet Mrs J Rankin

Wood Merit – needlework, patchwork, Miss M Judd

Betty Lucas Home Produce Won on Points Ms D Fitchett

Bowerman Winner Class 124 bread Mrs H Wilkinson

Jane Andrews Junior Merit - Handwriting Rory Wood

Jessup Won on Points Cecily Wood

Chudley Merit in classes using plants Cecily Wood

Napier Merit for painting or drawing Mariella Wilkinson

Millennium Best in Show Mrs J Rankin

Banksian Medal Points in Horticulture Mr L Head

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