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Autumn is Spring Planning & Planting

I love the idea of planning for the Spring in Autumn... if you get it right, your Spring garden will delight you with their blaze of colour after the dark, greys of Winter. This year, Mark and I have been planning the Spring bulbs under our oak tree. We moved the bees last summer to the front garden, behind the oak tree; all year round we've thought hard about what flowers/bulbs to plant. So, we've decided on cyclamen, snow drops, blue chionodoxa, anenomes (blue shades), narcissus and aconites - all shade bulbs and Mark planted them on Tuesday. Mark also planted 100 tulip bulbs around the garden to compliment the daffodils we planted last year. I'm so looking forward to seeing how the bees enjoy them in the Spring and, to tasting their honey...

Planting crocus on the village green

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