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Spring is on its way!

Spring is a wonderful time to view your hard labours from Autumn planting. It’s a joy to watch the garden come back to life with the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils brightening up the gloomy end of Winter days.

The up-coming Spring days tend to be busy for gardeners. It’s time to tidy up the borders (bearing in mind that the Winter isn't yet over and more snow may come in March!); freshen up your soil by applying some mulch; divide your perennials and give your lawn a first cut of the year.

Early Spring is the perfect time to give your lawn a makeover especially if it’s looking a bit tired - rake the ground gently to loosen the soil, spike it with a fork, sprinkle in a general garden fertiliser followed by a handful of fresh grass seed. Rake in the seed and keep it well watered (not a problem with all the rain we’ve been having recently!)

Start sowing the seeds of plants which need a longer growing season, starting seeds off in a gently heated propagator and greenhouse.

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